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The intervening period...
What's ahead...
During 2003, I left my job as a public school teacher to begin the process of organizing and
developing material I had been accumulating for nearly a decade on African American coal
miners.  To date, I have created a website,
The African American Coal Miner Information
Center, and completed five issues of The African American Coal Mining Heritage, a
companion newsletter.  
Since late 2004, I have expanded my research interests into other areas of African American
history and genealogy covering roughly the period from the Civil War to 1930.  I have been
presenting lectures on a pretty regular basis
both locally and nationally, and in 2006 began
teaching in the African American track at the
Institute of Genealogy and Historical
.   2008 brought the publication of my first book titled Finding and Using
African American Newspapers
.  In the recent past I have served on the boards of both the
Association of Professional Genealogists and Federation of Genealogical Societies.
As my "projects" have expanded, and with it the number of folks interested in their
progress, the need for a site to accommodate the non-coal mining material and my
developing business needs became more apparent.  In the coming months you can expect to
find a wide array of information here including how to obtain my services as a researcher,
the status of current projects and the creation of new ones, tips, resources, and research
strategies for those pursuing their black heritage, and more.  For additional details, click
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